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CBD funnel for dogs: 10 facts you did not know!

Recently, holistic vets shared interesting reports with us about the benefits of CBD oil, which they have registered while caring for dogs …


First of all – an Elder Staffordshire Terrier had a 6cm nipple tumor and metastases that disappeared within 3 months and more (thankfully) they didn’t come back.


Second – the Jack Russell Terrier suffered from a severe heart murmur and painful arthritis, and a month after using the oils, all he wanted to do was go for long walks! In addition, the condition of his murmurs has improved significantly.


These are just two examples shared with the world by Australian veterinarian Edward Bassingthwaighte. “I really can’t explain why the heart murmurs have stopped much,” she says. “It usually doesn’t happen.”


The results are amazing! Scientists have started to pay more attention to the hemp from which cannabinoids, or CBD, are derived – so far they have a lot to offer. It turns out that CBD can help your dog just as it helps people all over the world!


Let’s take a look at 10 facts you may not know about the properties of this often misunderstood and controversial cannabis, and the promising research that gives hope to actually helping dogs with many of the common health problems that affect them.

  1. Let’s start with the fact that CBD is non-psychoactive


CBD (cannabidiol) is a compound found in cannabis and sativa (fibrous). Both of these plants contain organic compounds CBD and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), but the fundamental difference is in their concentration. Cannabis has 30% THC, while the hemp plant grown in certified and proven plantations has no more than 0.2%, and it is worth knowing that it is THC that gives psychoactive properties. Most CBD oils are just … CBD with an acceptable (same) trace amount of THC. In Poland, they come from hemp, not Indian hemp. As short as possible – your dog will not get high from taking CBD oil – but will experience relaxation and bliss without the use of illegal or modified substances.


Speaking of relaxation…


  1. CBD oil reduces anxiety


Does your dog suffer from separation anxiety or acoustophobia (phobia of noise)? CBD is being studied especially for its effects on stress and anxiety. Human studies show that it can:


    – Reduce stress caused by public speaking

    – Reduce anxious states in both healthy people and people with psychological anxiety disorders such

    as OCD – Help in panic disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder


  1. CBD Helps Fight Cancer


Research shows that CBD, like the other substances in cannabis, has applications in oncology. It has been confirmed that it stops the growth of cancer cells, while also reducing the existing ones.


Did you know that CBD …

    – supports apoptosis, i.e. the process of cell death occurring in multicellular organisms, which directly contributes to the death of cancer cells?

    – Kills cancer cells byblocking their ability to generate energy?

    – Has promising propertiesthat can be used in oncology, especially in glioblastoma?

   -successfully supporting the treatment of many stages of cancerIs it?


  1. CBD treats epilepsy and related seizures An


estimated 5% of dogs suffer from seizures. Most of them are given drugs such as phenobarbital and potassium bromide. Sure, this can help control the seizures, but it can also be very harmful to your dog’s liver and other organs. Moreover, these drugs do not work in all cases. What to do then?


CBD has been scientifically proven to deal well with drug-resistant epilepsy.

In one study, 7 out of 8 patients with this particular condition saw a marked improvement within 4 to 5 months.


Children with drug-resistant epilepsy have also been studied. It was shown that the frequency of seizures was reduced for 84% of them!


  1. CBD Relieves Pain


Cannabinoids (CBD) have been shown to work well for pain. So good that scientists consider them a new class of drug for the treatment of chronic pain. Research shows that CBD is very effective in reducing:


    – Pain (including neuropathy and nerve pain)

    – Inflammation effect on oxidative stress (which causes degeneration and premature aging)

    – Inflammation in acute pancreatitis

    – General inflammation

    – Inflammation of the bowel (associated with irritable bowel disease)


  1. CBD may help with inflammatory bowel disease


Animal studies show that CBD can prevent inflammation of the colon and restore normal motility in the colon in inflammatory bowel disease.

CBD also has antibiotic properties, including Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA)!


  1. CBD reduces chronic inflammation and autoimmune diseases.

Inflammatory cytokines can cause allergies, hypersensitivity and autoimmune reactions. They can also suppress something called Th17 dominance, which is the leading cause of autoimmune disease.

Now for the good news – CBD has been shown to reduce the production and release of inflammatory cytokines!


Cannabinoids also inhibit the production of inflammatory macrophages and reduce chronic inflammation.


CBD is also a powerful antioxidant! Research shows that it is more potent than vitamins C and E.


  1. CBD may protect the nervous system and help with neurodegenerative diseases


. CBD has many promising results for degenerative myelopathy and other spine and nerve problems. It has been shown to help patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. This is because of its ability to protect brain cells from toxicity.

CBD protects the brain from cell death caused by free radicals and toxins. Therefore, it is the perfect supplement for any older dog!


  1. CBD increases appetite and helps with nausea


If you are having difficulty feeding your dog, CBD can help! The National Cancer Institute reports that cannabinoids increase appetite.

According to studies, your dog’s consumption of CBD can also help with vomiting and nausea, even if it’s caused by toxins and medications.


  1. CBD Promotes a Healthy Cardiovascular System


As the veterinarian Dr. Bassingthwaighte discovered, CBD affects heart health. Studies show that it can:


    – Reduce the damage caused by damaged blood vessels and irregular heartbeat

    – protect blood vessels from damage and extend the arteries

    – Reduce elevated heart rate and blood pressure associated with stress and anxiety


+ Bonus: oil CBD for dogs is legal and safe


When With so many studies showing the health benefits of cannabinoids, the most encouraging of all is that CBD is completely safe, even when taken in high doses and for extended periods of time!


It may also reduce the activity of liver enzymes used to metabolize many prescription drugs. So if your dog is taking a variety of medications, why not consider visiting some holistic vet before using CBD?


CBD oils made for dogs and other animals are derived from hemp oil, so they contain an acceptable and really trace concentration of THC. For this reason, products made of cannabinoids for humans and animals are completely legal in Poland!


It turns out that this oil can be a health-enhancing (and even life-saving!) Supplement for your dog. More and more pet owners and veterinarians are getting newer and newer health benefits by giving their pets a completely natural and safe CBD extract.


How to choose so as not to regret?


Not all CBD oils are the same … The extract has to be of high quality to actually work, so we have listed a few things for you that you should pay attention to before buying:


    Make sure the product is organic: if it’s not organic, your CBD oil contains a whole range of chemicals: pesticides, fungicides or solvents! To be sure that the product is clean and high-quality, choose one that is produced by supercritical CO2 extraction.

    Don’t regret your money: it’s simple – the higher the quality and purity of the product, the higher the price. Don’t catch price opportunities. Make sure the oil is free of unnecessary additives and contains as much CBD as it should be.

    Find out more: Request a laboratory analysis of the amount of CBD in the product. Sometimes it turns out that there is as much cannabinoids as the cat cried. You should also make sure about the amount of THC – the concentration must be a maximum of 0.2%.

    Buy oil, not oil!: Of course – you can buy CBD in delicacies from snacks to the oil you pour over your salad, but the form of the product most rich in cannabinoids is hemp flower extract, i.e. oil. Note: Oil and Oil are two different things!


Start administering CBD to your pet, disregarding public prejudices about cannabis. You already know they are wrong! Just read on – research is still continuing and the results are becoming more and more promising.



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