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Hemp protein in training


Every athlete knows how important the proper supplementation of the body is and how it affects its training effectiveness. It does not matter what kind of sport we do – we must provide the body with the right amount of protein to nourish the muscles, not burn them.

I have been using whey protein for a long time and found it appropriate. However, I was curious if it was possible to introduce even more nutritional value in the form of protein. Hemp protein turned out to be a good solution for me. After trying it for the first time, I decided to test it in terms of well-being, energy obtained from it and the effect on the regeneration of the body.

The advantages of hemp protein

The most important advantage of hemp protein are the essential amino acids it contains, which the body cannot produce by itself, and which have a huge impact on the immune and endocrine systems.

The second, equally important advantage is the absorption of hemp protein into the body, which is almost three times greater than that of other plant and animal proteins. Better absorption influences better nutrition and regeneration.

The third big reason why I am convinced of the value of hemp is its ability to use hemp protein in the kitchen. The perfect solution for a quick breakfast is hemp protein with fiber, to which you only need to add fruit and nuts. We pour water or milk over it and we have a wholesome, quickly prepared meal, rich in everything that the body needs every day.

Also, creating pancakes, cakes and other treats using hemp protein ensures that each of these dishes is well digested.

Hemp – the source of everything I need

Since I consume hemp protein every day, I no longer worry about missing nutrients in my body after an exhausting day. And most of all – I know what I eat and I know that it serves my body during hard training. I feel well regenerated and I am glad that I found out about cannabis, which turned out to be the source of everything I need.

Author: Roksana Kuberek, athlete. She started her adventure with sport in 2011 with mountain climbing. Since 2017, he deals mainly with calisthenics and street workout. She made her first start on the national arena in June 2019 at the Polish Street Workout Championships in the strength and endurance category, where she took third place.



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