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Secrets of aromatherapy and CBD

Aromatherapy is a well-known and liked topic. We like fragrances … well … what? Nice, ugly, interesting, original? But what is behind all this?

I am a cosmetologist with 26 years of experience. I run my cosmetology and podiatry office and give lectures at the university. From the beginning of my work, I have been dealing with the topic of aromatherapy in a very commonly used beauty cosmetology. The most popular one. Used every day and during treatments in a beauty salon.

So what is aromatherapy really?

One of the challenges I encountered while lecturing at the university was publishing. Various texts, studies and thematic research. The subject of one of my works was exactly “Smell in the human world” Work from 2014, which I presented at a cosmetology conference in GdaƄsk.

It is believed that inhaling through the nose air containing at least one volatile aromatic compound with a concentration greater than the minimum, and reaching the so-called detection threshold, it can make people aware of smell sensations. While recent scientific discoveries seem to suggest that the number of scent stimuli that can be distinguished by humans may be over a trillion, this capacity is usually estimated to be in the range of just over ten thousand.

Messages hidden in smells not only contain warnings against dangers or data on the state of the environment, but also signal, for example, species affiliation, psychophysical condition of a given individual or his sexual readiness. Traces of scent communication are noticeable among plants (e.g. luring insects by a flower ready for pollination), insects (e.g. frontalin secreted by bark beetles, which is an invitation to a feast) and animals (e.g. crotyl mercaptan and methyl crotyl sulfide – sulfur compounds released by a skunk in order to scare an opponent). People also take part in this constant exchange of information. It’s just that they are not always aware of it.

The sense of smell is – next to taste – one of the two chemical and associative senses. Until recently, in the academic world in the group of the five basic senses, it was regarded as secondary to the full functioning of a human being.

Wrong! For example, we don’t realize on a daily basis that most of the flavor is actually fragrance. Taste buds can only sense five basic tastes, while each of us is able to distinguish raw apple from cucumber or roast chicken from beef precisely by the smell (which, for some reason, we call it a taste in the case of food).

Cannabis essentials aromatherapy oil is a very unique fragrance. . It is characterized by a very rich composition with various therapeutic properties.

From my experience of aromatherapy with this particular oil, I can confidently describe its effects as:

– soothing;

– relieving pain and irritability;

– thus soundproofing;

– relaxing;

– antiviral (despite working with people, spraying cannabis essentials oil – I’m still healthy and feeling great )

– improving concentration and giving clarity of thinking and … many, many other great properties that you can feel by adding just a few drops to the diffuser.

Cannabis Esssentials Oil is an extremely efficient pro-health preparation. I sincerely recommend its purchase for health and pleasure!!



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